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Boost Your Next.js Projects with Our GPT-4 Feature Bundle

Launch products faster with AI-powered, open source features.

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Launch AI Features Faster than Ever

Explore a suite of AI features designed to simplify development with GPT-4’s intelligence.

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Legal Form Creator

Generate legal docs instantly with GPT's AI for accuracy and compliance.
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Exam Creator

Create evaluation form based on subject, content, or provided info on your prompt.
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Checklist Creator

Generate checklist from content with functional checkmarks for each step.
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ER Diagram Form Creator

Simplify Mermaid ER diagrams into clear, easy-to-use forms for clarity.
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Prompt-Driven Copywriter

Refine your written content for Web and Marketing effortlessly.
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AI Form Assistant

Automates form filling, customizes forms, enhances text clarity.
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UI Libraries Integration

Integrate with MUI, Ant.Design, and more via react-jsonschema-form.
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Enhance Your Coding Efficiency

GPTBundle streamlines task automation at every development phase, boosting efficiency and creative output.

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A versatile library for crafting web and native user interfaces, serving as the foundation for GPTBundle, which leverages React's newest features like Server Components and Actions.

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A cutting-edge React framework maintained by Vercel, enhancing web development with server-side rendering, static site generation, and more for optimal performance and scalability.

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The gateway to revolutionary AI models. Maintained by OpenAI, it enables seamless integration of Large Language Models processing and image generation capabilities with DALL-E.

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A versatile React component leveraging JSON Schemas for form creation, compatible with modern UI libraries like MUI, Ant Design, Bootstrap, and much more.

How to Get Started with GPTBundle

GPTBundle improves the development of AI features in just a few steps.

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Dive into our comprehensive documentation and explore our templates and tutorials.

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Visit our GitHub repository and access our open source codebase freely.

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Install GPTBundle through npm and get ready to start shipping features faster.

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Experiment, build, and bring your innovative ideas to life with ease.

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Accelerate feature launches, and work smarter not harder.
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